Exploring the Skies with the Kona 3: Innovation in Paragliding and Paramotoring

The world of paragliding and paramotoring is about to get a significant boost with the introduction of the Kona 3, a versatile wing designed for enthusiasts of both sports. Following in the successful wake of the Buzz Z7, the Kona 3 promises to elevate the flying experience to new levels thanks to a series of innovations and improvements that place it at the forefront of wing technology.

Innovative Pedigree

The Kona 3 emerges as the PPG version of the Buzz Z7, sharing the same advanced technology, cutting-edge performance, comfort, and ease of use. This cross-over wing is perfect for flying under power as well as in free flight, excellently suited for beginner and intermediate pilots looking to enjoy both modalities with just one wing.

Revolutionary Design

With a new planform that increases wing sweep for improved roll stability, optimized rib alignment for enhanced airflow and efficiency, and a new tab positioning system that increases stability in accelerated flight, the Kona 3 introduces several novelties. It also features a revamped leading-edge construction, improved line rigging for more efficient load distribution, and redesigned panel shaping at the trailing edge for better handling and brake response. These refinements translate into a noticeable improvement in flight characteristics and performance, highlighting a more linear and direct response in the brakes, which adds to increased agility and precision in handling.

Comfort and Progression

Above all else, the Kona 3 is distinguished for being easy to fly, offering an intuitive, fun, progressive, and precise experience through the brakes. Its compact design ensures perfect coordination between roll and yaw, providing a sporty agile feel. Moreover, launching, being a critical part of every flight, has been finely tuned in the Kona 3 to ensure smooth inflation and excellent manageability in both strong wind and nil wind conditions.

Ideal Pilot

The Kona 3 is suitable for a wide range of pilots, from talented beginners to the most experienced. It is ideal for those who fly between 30 to 50 hours a year and enjoy free flying as much as powered flight. Owning dedicated wings for both disciplines can be costly; the Kona 3 offers the perfect balance in a single package.

Power Risers

Equipped with PPG risers that feature a smooth trim system for comfortable high-speed cruising under power, and a foot-operated accelerator system to reach top speeds in free flight, the Kona 3 is designed to adapt to any flying style. The risers also incorporate a tip steering system and adjustable brake pulleys, allowing compatibility with any type of power unit.

In conclusion, the Kona 3 is not just an evolution in wing design for paragliding and paramotoring; it's a revolution that promises to take pilots of all levels to explore the skies with confidence, comfort, and performance never seen before. With the Kona 3, the sky is not the limit, it's the beginning.