All our USPPA certified instructors come from the world of Paragliding. They are certified Paragliding instructors from USHPA, APPI, HPAC, AVVA and other entities that regulate Paragliding in different countries. We are familiar with the process involved in adding a paramotor to the equation of flying a Paraglider. Starting from the way to handle and prepare a paramotor in the ground, to the launching technique (leaning back instead of leaning forward to charge the wing), to the final glide and flaring.

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This course takes 4 days and includes all gear: paramotor, wing, helmet, radio, fuel and instructor. Training cost $1,500.00 We will credit $500.00 towards purchase of equipment if student decides to get a PPG Package from during or right after the PG to PPG Conversion.

Year-round training

Chief instructor Jose Casaudoumecq has over 30 years combined experience as hang gliding, paragliding, and powered paragliding instructor.