We are the oldest Paramotor School in the USA (since 1993). Paramotor Instructor is a division of PoweredParaglider.com in charge of basic and advanced training as well as introductory tandem flights, instructor clinics, engine maintenance clinics and water landing clinics. Many current instructors from other training facilities in the country learned how to fly Paramotors and became instructors from the teachings of Jose Casaudoumecq, USPPA (United States Powered Paragliding Association) Instructor Administrator and Tandem Instructor Administrator, who has more than 35 years combined experience giving hang gliding, paragliding, weight shift hang glider trike, powered parachute and paramotoring training. Even today’s USPPA President, Noah Rasheta, got his paramotor instructor’s license from Jose at Paramotor Instructor. More than 2000 students signed off in 35 years of impeccable work training new pilots from all corners of the world.


Their 30,000 square feet training facility at the Miami Homestead General Aviation Airport (SW of Miami - 30 mins. drive from the heart of Miami) is an ideal location for learning all year-round. Manicured turf runway with spot landing target, shaded social area with picnic tables, sofas, BBQ, storage, restroom, etc. 


New students learn at a different rate, some will solo sooner than others, Paramotor Instructor team of USPPA certified instructors will make sure that the necessary time will be taken to ensure that you are trained safely and correctly. 

Give it a try!

We work hard to ensure that students are safe and confident in their PPG skills so they can launch, maneuver and land their paramotors skillfully without assistance or challenge.

Year-round training

Emphasis is placed on safety from the beginning, along with fully understanding the rules, regulations, physics & complexities of the sport.