Air Conception Titanium Tandem Trike


We are excited to announce the solo titanium trike which has been designed especially for the Air Conception paramotors on titanium Race frames with a 140 cm and 150 cm diameter. It weighs 13 kg (28,6 lbs) and can be assembled/disassembled very quickly. It has a seat adjustable in height which supports the harness carbon plate in order to adapt to any configuration: frame type and harness size.

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Designed for all kinds and sizes of titanium Air Conception Race frames with any size of harness.
Comfortable seat with adjustable height support.
Solid titanium construction with duralumin suspensions.
Inflatable 14” wheels with steel ball bearings.
Quick assembling/disassembling of the paramotor on the trike with ball-lock pins.
The optional tandem kit can be mounted in just a few minutes.
The use of the trike in the solo or tandem configuration does not require any modification of the paramotor in its foot launch version.
Can be completely disassembled and carried in a small volume.
Optional 19 mm cage (for 150 cm frame) available for heavy duty use of the trike.
Weight : 13 kg in solo version and 19 kg in tandem version.
Price does not include paramotor