Hybrid Tandem


The Apco Hybrid – has proven its advantages and gained immense popularity worldwide.

The Hybrid combines a classic double surface profile with a single surface profile, together creating a hybrid profile design. The Tandem is based on the original Hybrid, and was further improved for use as a Tandem wing. Its main advantages are:

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✅The easiest inflation characteristics available period. Less prone to inadvertent inflation than a single skin glider.
✅ Low Take-Off Speed – for even the most uncooperative passengers.
✅ Real Flare capability – better than any single Skin.
✅ Very Light brake pressure.
✅ Un-matched Roll and pitch Stability, truly amazing!

Designed for both Paramotor and mountain flying, the Hybrid tandem delivers the easiest and smoothest flight experience possible for you and your passengers.

Certified EN-B with both Trimmers closed and Open, with a weight range from 110 to 190 Kg.

The Hybrid Tandem is the easiest tandem wing on the market. It brings everything the solo Hybrid offers to the hands of the tandem pilot:
Phenomenal inflation and Launch, even with a light tail wind, Outstanding passive and active safety characteristics, Perfect, predictable and light handling, Low sink rate with great thermalling, and of course, what every tandem pilot wants – Easy and predictable landing! (unlike single skins).
This unique design combines a classic double surface profile with a single surface profile, together creating a hybrid profile which provides really special flying characteristics.
Putting aside all the hype – this wing must be flown to be believed!
The Hybrid tandem offers many advantages over both classic tandems and single skin designs. It is evident that “Hybrid type” wings are becoming a standard on the market with many companies introducing similar concept designs and we are proud to once again set future standards with the first Tandem Hybrid wing!
The original Hybrid project started off as a concept, an idea that we wanted to explore but never expected what we found! The initial test flights of the first prototype were so impressive that we virtually dropped all other projects in an effort to bring this wing to the market. After 2 years of intense R&D we launched the HYBRID!
The Hybrid must be flown to believe all the “hype” around it, but we promise you it is that SPECIAL! Any pilot that had the chance to try it was amazed and after only 1 flight, convinced that this concept is here to stay!
The Hybrid Tandem is light (4.4 kg), but not designed to be a “Lightweight” wing. the absence of bottom surface on the back part of the wing saves weight but is also what makes it fly in such a special way.