The Latest Nvolo CARBON PAINTED SAR V2 Helmet: A Detailed Overview

The Nvolo CARBON PAINTED SAR V2 helmet stands out for its entirely Italian design and manufacture, certified according to EN966 standards for paragliding, hang gliding, and ultralight flight helmets. Weighing 600 grams (excluding accessories), this helmet is constructed from carbon fiber and carbon-kevlar, ensuring both lightweight and durability. Its interior padding is breathable, removable, and washable, providing comfort and easy maintenance. The helmet features a quick-release chin strap and alloy screws in colors that complement the helmet's design. Additionally, a 2-year warranty is offered for this product​​.

Nvolo offers the CARBON PAINTED helmet in various configurations, including options with Bluetooth only, noise-cancelling earcups only, or a versatile model that supports the connection of two radios. The latter allows transmission and reception using a 2-meter amateur (VHF) radio on the left earcup AND an aviation airband (UHF) radio on the right, with independent volume controls and PTTs for each earcup. It is also available with or without SIDETONE functionality, enabling the wearer to hear their own voice through the helmet's speakers​​​​​​.

Founded by Nicola, Nvolo emerged from a passion for DIY and a constant search for new technologies, specializing in the production of carbon fiber helmets with radio headsets, marking the first carbon helmet in Italy approved for ultralight flight according to EN966 certification​​.

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