100/150hr Maintenance Kit w out MFR200a Pipe Upper Section Vittorazi Factory R MY2022


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100/150 Hour Maintenance Kit: Vittorazi Factory R MY20/MY22

**Genuine Vittorazi Parts**

1- M005 Bearing 47/20/14 mm – C3 (Set of 2)
2- M006 Oil Seal Viton 20/35/7 mm (Set of 2)
1- MFR009 Poston Roller Bearing
3- M019.5 Copper Lock Nut High Temperature (Set of 5)
2- M020 NGK BR9EIX
1- MFR021A Antivibration Mounts (Set of 2)
1- MFR021B Antivibration Mounts (Set of 2)
1- C021F Security Band (Set of 4)
1- MFR025 Complete Series of Gaskets
1- M031a Spark Plug Cap (Selettra)
1-MFR043 Pull Rope
1- MP055K Kit Plastic Hook (Set of 2) with Shim Washers (Set of 6) and Elastic Ring
2- MFR082 Reed Valve Petal (Set of 2))
1- AT093a Air Box Rubber Manifold With Sponge
1- MP093d.4 Snap lock Female 16mm, grey (Set of 4)
1- M094.2 Fixing Band 50-70mm (Set of 2)
1- M097 Series Membrane and Gaskets for Walbro WB
1- MP102 Complete Clutch
1- MP105.5 Seeger 35mm (Set of 5)
1- MP107.5 Seeger 15mm (Set of 5)
1- MP106 Bearing 35/15/11 mm and Bearing 35/15/11 mm
1- MFR107a.2 Drum/Pinion Cap (Set of 2)
1- M114 Bearing 42/20/12 mm (Set of 2)
2- M117 Belt
2- M139.5 Exhaust Springs (Set of 5)
2- MP140.5 Heat Shrink Tubing (Set of 5)
2- MP141.5 Security Cable With Clamp (Set of 5)
2- M151a Antivibration Mount Left
1- M151b Antivibration Mount Right (Set of 2)
1- MP159- Noise Absorbent Material
1- MY201 Exhaust Flange, With Assembled Bushing 40/50 Hour and Springs

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