VHF 2M TRANSCEIVER radio (8W output). ORIGINAL! Our recommendation! The perfect match to go with any NVolo paramotor helmet. Watch out for counterfeited radios on Amazon / eBay (unbranded and/or looking very similar) which do not perform the same and are of very cheap quality. We only sell original radios!


7 W Output Power and 1500 mW Audio
* Wide open space. Approximate, comparing the IC-V86 with the IC-V80. Communication range may differ depending on operating environment or weather conditions, etc. 7 W output power is only for theIC-V86.

1500 mW powerful audio

1500 mW Powerful Audio and 1.5 Times* Higher Sound Pressure
* Approximate, comparing the IC-V86 with the IC-V80.

Optional 1500 mW Speaker-Microphone, HM-222HLWP
The combination of the optional HM-222HLWP and the IC-V86/U86* also provides 1500 mW (typ.) loud audio from the attached speaker-microphone.

* For the transceiver with a “U” mark on the serial number label.

Dust-Protection, Water Resistance and a Tough Body
(IP54 and MIL-STD 810G)
19 hours* of Long Lasting Battery Life
* EX Hi power with BP-298. TX : RX : standby = 5 : 5 : 90 (3 sec. : 3 sec. : 54 sec. ) (The Power Save function is set to “P–S.16”)

No PC Programming Necessary, Settings Changeable from the Radio*
* PC programming is also available.

Durable BNC Type Antenna Connector
Made in Japan Quality and Reliability
Other Features
Audio volume/VFO mode/Memory channel mode can be changed with the rotary knob
Supplied BC-240, battery charger with a charging control function that prolongs the life of the battery
Integrated VOX function
200 memory channels, 1 Call channel and 6 scan edges
Built-in CTCSS and DTCS encoder/decoder
Priority, program, memory, skip and tone scanning


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