M007a Prop Bolt Set – 40mm | Vittorazi Atom 80


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Set of 6, 40mm (1 15/16″) prop bolts in your choice of color. Stock length for Vittorazi Atom 80 with Helix Propeller.

Colors: Silver and Black

The Black bolts are coated in Black Oxide. Although this coating resists corrosion, it will still rust with out some love. We use WD40 on them throughout the season to keep them looking new.

40mm bolts = Atom 80 Helix prop

50mm bolts = Moster 185 Helix Prop with 10mm prop spacer

55mm bolts = Atom 80 E-props – Atom 80 **New** Certified Vittorazi/Helix prop

60mm bolts = Moster 185 E-props with no spacer – Moster 185 **NEW** Fast Acceleration Prop

65mm bolts = Moster 185 E-props with 10mm prop spacer


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