Master Powered Paragliding 1: Advanced Ground Handling


Master Powered Paragliding #1 is the first in a series of four tuition DVDs aimed at pilots of paramotor and paraglider wings.


DVD #1 kicks the series off by focusing on that common bugbear: ground handling. With a cast of colourful and talented pilots, the excellently narrated DVD breaks down handling your wing on the ground into 15 chapters that take you from inflation, through controlling a paraglider wing through to killing it safely.

Master Powered Paragliding #1 is a whooping 101 minutes of audio visual information that leaves your head literally buzzing with all the tricks and tips you’ve picked up and desperate to get out there and practice them.

As you would expect from Jeff Goin, the author of the best selling Powered Paragliding Bible, Master Powered Paragliding #1 is a powerful learning tool for paraglider pilots, either powered or unpowered.


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