Polyvalent (2 Meter VHF band and Aviation UHF airband)



Polyvalent means that you can attach two radios to your headset. You may Tx and Rx using your 2 meter amateur (VHF) radio on the left earcup AND your aviation airband (UHF) radio on the right earcup. These configuration can be switched internally … 2 meter radio on the right earcup and aviation radio on the left earcup. Both earcups have INDEPENDENT volume control knobs and PTTs. Polyvalent headsets are also available with or without SIDETONE. Sidetone is a function which allows you to hear yourself through the headset speakers when opening transmission or just when speaking through the microphone.

Price includes: polyvalent headset (2 meter amateur VHF radio on the left earcup AND aviation UHF airband radio on the right earcup) with independent PTTs and volume control knobs on each earcup, 2 meter radio pigtail (cable), aviation radio pigtail (cable) and a 2 YEAR WARRANTY!


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